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Sunday, September 14, 2003  

Packers vs Lions

It remains to be seen if the Lions have truly improved, or if they were just the better of two bad teams last week. So far, it's Packers 7, Lions 0.

Update: Packers scored on their second possession. 14-0. Still only the first quarter, though....

Update: Special teams gaffe allowed the Lions to recover on the Packers 15, but they could only manage a field goal. 14-3.

Update: Packers answered back with a field goal. 17-3. Still a lot of game left....

Halftime: Favre threw an interception, and the Lions got a field goal out of it to make the score 17-6. Their defense has stepped up, and they're getting first possession for the second half. Let's hope the Packers don't blow this one...

Update: Packers intercepted the ball, got a touchdown from it -- a beautiful pass to Robert Ferguson. 24-6.

Update: A lovely interception and TD by Packers CB Al Harris makes it 31-6.

Final: 31-6 Packers. A good all-around effort.

I'd like to know what a certain Michigan blogger thinks......

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Thursday, September 11, 2003  

I Remember

I remember seeing the first bulletin online: "Plane crashes into World Trade Center". Must be a foggy day in New York, I thought. I prayed for the victims, and went back to my work.

I remember hearing about another plane crashing into the WTC, and realizing that this was no mere accident. And then the Pentagon, and then a field in Pennsylvania. And then the towers collapsing.

I remember work set aside and forgotten, no longer important, as we listened to radios and attempted to go online.

I remember comforting a coworker who broke down and cried.

I remember the evacuation of the building, as we were next door to the Federal Courthouse.

I remember going straight to Old St. Mary's for noon Mass, joining many others who filled the church.

I remember going home, turning on the TV, and watching BBC's panel discussion. It was all America's fault, they said. You sons of bitches, I thought.

I remember watching TV, watching the horrible footage, played on every channel, almost inescapable.

I remember calling ComedySportz, and letting them know that I wouldn't be at workshop that night, even if they didn't cancel it.

I remember hearing the first reports of what happened on Flight 93, and thanking God for the heroism of the passengers.

I remember going to bed that night with the same thought which had been in my head all day: Everything is different now.

Until my memory fails me, I will always remember September 11, 2001.

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Sunday, September 07, 2003  

A Small Consolation

The 49ers are busy trouncing the Bears. At least something's going right.......

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Packer Report

Got back from breakfast with Karen Marie, and now watching the Packer-Vikings game. Down 10-0 as of right now.....still a little less than 3 quarters to go.

Update: Pack's on the board. 10-3.

Update: Vikings just scored a TD. Incredible catch by Randy Moss helped them on their way -- caught it between two defenders. Even so, I have some real concerns about the Packers' defense. The middle has become very weak.

Halftime: The scream you just heard came from Brett Favre's third interception of the day, killing a hard-fought drive. Please excuse me while I start my Novena to St. Vincent the Motivator and St. Ray Nitschke, Hammer of Heretics.....I mean, Bears and Vikings.........

Update: 28-11. Need to score some more.....

Update: Donald Driver was carted off the field with a neck injury. Regardless of your fan affiliation, please pray for him.

Final: Vikings 30, Packers 25. Ferguson gone, too. Driver may be OK. At any rate, not a good start to the Packers season.

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Saturday, September 06, 2003  


Haven't had time or inclination to blog the last month. And sneaking into other people's sites during worktime is definitely verboten now, so I haven't kept up with the blogospere much, aside from Mark Shea's site. Will try to keep things up as often as possible now.....

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