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Tuesday, June 20, 2006  

O Give Thanks to the Lord...

I just got a call from Veritas Academy.

I've been hired as a teacher.

I'm positively bubbling over with joy right now...

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006  

No. Please, No.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006  

Job Hunt

Last week Wedensday, 2:30 pm. One hour left in the day, and I'm trying to get through till quitting time. The phone rings. It's one of the HR people. She wants me to meet her in a fifth floor conference room. I go down, puzzled by why this is happening. My productivity hasn't been the same since we changed procedures, but neither has anyone else's.

The two HR people are waiting for me. They tell me the new manager reviewed our salaries. Some of us old-timers were getting paid at a rate above the usual for our positions, since we had had additional responsibilities in the past. The new manager doesn't think we're worth it. Therefore, my pay is getting cut by nearly two dollars an hour.

After nearly five years at the same wage, I had gotten a long-overdue COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment). Now it's been wiped out, and more. I've just been told that years of dedication don't mean anything, and being productive and useful aren't rewarded. This hurts just as much as the wage cut.

I ask to leave work early, since I'm in no condition to do any more work. I come home and think about what to do next. I make a phone call to Veritas Academy, inquiring as to whether any teaching positions are open.

Amy comes home, and is surprised to see me already there. I tell her what happened. She bursts into tears, and we hold each other. We want to start a family and buy a house. Now we're not able to do so.

Amy goes from crying to angry. I tell her it may be a blessing in disguise, that maybe this is a way to finding something better.

That evening, we begin work on my resume. We send it out to various websites the following day.

The results? I've heard from two headhunters so far, and Veritas Academy is interested in interviewing me. Others have expressed their interest in helping me.

Please pray for me as I look for a new job. And if you know of any good job openings, let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

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