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Saturday, July 22, 2006  

Eudail's First Picture

Amy and I went to the doctor's office yesterday for an early ultrasound. Both of us were nervous, as all the difficult possibilities were running through our minds. What if (God forbid) the fibroid cysts had returned? What if something else might be wrong? What if we were going to have twins (they run in both families)?

But when the picture came on over the monitor and little Eudail appeared, all I could do was stare in wonder. Here was a new life, eight weeks and one day old, created by God through the agency of Amy and myself. Here was my flesh and blood, and Amy's flesh and blood, mingled together to create a unique person.

Here was our child.


I couldn't take my eyes off the monitor. Our child. Our child. The phrase repeated itself over and over.

Then came the sound of Eudail's heartbeat, pounding away at 167 beats per minute. Our child. Our child's heartbeat. This is real. This is really happening.

The three of us left the office as happy as we had ever been in our lives. One man, who had never thought he'd ever have the opportunity to beget children. One woman, who had thought her previous history would leave her unable to have a normal pregnancy, if she could get pregnant at all. And one preborn child, healthy so far, growing and developing, preparing for a March 1 due date.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006  

Girl's Baby Names

Since it's just as likely we'll have a girl, I ought to also list the names selected and their significance:

Evelyn Margaret: This was Amy's first selection.

Madeline Colette: My first selection. I've always liked Madeline. And Colette was my maternal grandmother's name.

Elizabeth Claire: Elizabeth is another perennial favorite, and a popular one at the moment. Claire is after the saint, and also complements Elizabeth very nicely.

Genevieve Marie: A combination I've always liked. You may also be noticing our love for French names.

Josephine Ellen: Amy selected this one. Ellen is her mother's name.

Lillian Rose: Our literary selection. Lillian is a variation of Lily, who was Harry Potter's mother. Rose is after St. Rose of Lima and the Rose of Sharon, one of the Blessed Virgin's titles.

Again, are there any favorites or not-so-favorites, or other relevant commentary? Please let me know...

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006  

Boy's baby names

We have no idea of Eudail's gender, but we have a pool of names already picked out. We will select one after getting to know the youngster for a day or so.

Here are the boy's names, and the reasoning (or lack thereof) behind each:

Kenneth James: After her grandfather and my father, respectively.

Geoffrey Rhys: A cool-looking and -sounding name.

Stephen Daniel: Stephen after my late friend Steve Wiest, Daniel after the OT prophet.

Martin Richard: Another name we simply like. And Richard was Steve's middle name.

Charles John: A tribute to my grandfathers. However, I decided to use their middle names, since Thaddeus Wilbert would be cruel in this day and age.

Ronald Jack: A literary selection. Ronald is from Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. Jack was C. S. Lewis' preferred nickname.

Any favorites here? Any not-so-favorite? Mind you, your opinions won't necessarily influence the naming of our son (if that be Eudail's gender). But it would be nice to know anyway...

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Monday, July 03, 2006  

I'm a Daddy...

Amy took a pregnancy test this morning. Two, in fact.

Both came back positive.

Wow. I'm a father.

I can hardly believe this has happened.


Lord willing, a little Pawlak will be emerging sometime in February. More details to follow. Amy will publish her own take on the matter once her holiday hiatus is over.

Please remember me, Amy, and Eudail (our nickname for Spawn of Pawlak -- it's Scots Gaelic for baby) in your prayers.


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